Hi, I am Anup.

I'm an incoming PhD student at the University of Chicago. I'm currently exploring my interests in tangible interaction, fabrication and interactive art.

When I'm not writing website bios I'm probably reading, driving a racing sim, hanging off an indoor boulder, or learning a new musical instrument. I've thoroughly excused myself from social media so feel free to reach out to me at anupsat [at] umd [dot] edu

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Selected Work

Under Review at ACM IMWUT
Calico: Track Based Interactive and Relocatable Wearables with Fast, Reliable, and Precise Locomotion
Anup Sathya, Jiasheng Li, Tauhidur Rahman, Huaishu Peng
In Proceedings of CHI EA 2021
Towards On-the-wall Tangible Interaction: Using Walls as Interactive, Dynamic, and Responsive User Interface
Zeyu Yan, Anup Sathya, Pedro Carvalho, Yongqao Hu, Annan Li, Huaishu Peng
In Proceedings of IEEE ICACCI 2018
Realtime On-chip Wireless Waveform Monitoring
Anup Sathya, Sowmiya Balaji, Amishi Gupta, Suresh Padmanabhan
In Proceedings of IEEE TENCON 2017
Visual Positioning System for Automated Indoor/Outdoor Navigation
Anup Sathya, Abhinav Goel, Suresh Padmanabhan

Fun Stuff

UX Research