Other Projects

A few things I've built over the years

2-axis Gimbal

Team Members: Anup S, Abhinav Goel, Aditya Suresh Prabhu

Role: Group Leader

Skills picked up: Embedded C, 8051 Micro-controller programming, Physical Prototyping, Blank Circuit Board Soldering

As an addition to our Micro-controller theory course, we tried to build a 2-axis Gimbal using a Gyroscope, a couple of servos and an 8051 Micro-controller. This was my first attempt at making circuit boards. Although this was barely a working prototype, it worked well to guide my curiosity towards embedded systems and system design in general.

Ball Shooter

Team Members: Anup S, Ganeshsiva Subramaniam, Daksha Srivastava

Role: Group Leader

Skills picked up: Arduino, Quick Prototyping

We built a ball shooter(hitter?) under 3 hours using materials at hand. The ultrasonic sensor was used to detect the distance between the shoe box and the hoop. By using a small little formula to convert the distance into RPM of the DC motor, we realised we could control the torque of the arm. By making sure that the starting point of the hitting arm(ruler) was constant, we could consistently hit the target due to the change in torque relative to the distance. A small roll of tape was used to keep the ping pong ball in place.

Pareto Analysis

Team Members: Abhinav Goel, Anup S

Role: UI and Algorithm Design

Skills picked up: Python, GUIs in Python using Tkintr

Pareto Analysis is an important method used to calculate trade-offs in basic algorithms to optimise digital circuits. We built an application in Python designed to take in data from an Excel sheet and to calculate the Pareto point(most optimal point) in the data and to also find the dominant parameters based on user requirement. More documentation and code can be found in the link below



Team Members: Anup S

Skills picked up: MatLAB, Computer Vision

An attempt at compiling a basic Computer Vision toolkit during our theoretical course. You can find the repository below. Feel free to add to the toolkit.