All the important things in life are invisible

12 April 2018

We often look at others and we look at what’s on the surface.

We look at the nice clothes and the nice nails.

We look at the interesting Instagram feeds.

We look at the twitter followers.

None of these are measures of what’s most important in life.

The relationships that we build.

Our self-esteem and satisfaction with the work we’re putting out.

These are not only unquantifiable, they’re almost always invisible.

Why do we look past that and fixate on the superficial details?

We’re quick to jump to conclusions about how other lives are better just by looking at the likes on their pictures.

We love ourselves more than other people, but care about their opinions more than our own. — Ryan Holiday

We get lost in the details and we forget about what’s most important to us.

Focus on what’s important to you in your life. Kaizen the shit out of it. Before you know it, you’ll have an outwardly simple but an inwardly rich life.

We all deserve an inwardly rich life. No matter what it looks like on the outside.